Coaching for older adults to learn modern day technologies


What We Do

App Easy provides in-person and on-demand technology education to older adults in order to enable deeper social connections and increased independence 

In-Person Instruction

Our specialists will visit with you on a weekly basis for our in-person sessions. Our curriculum has been developed to get you started and cover essential learning objectives specifically designed for older adults.

Remote On-Demand Support

Continue your learning in between in-person sessions through the App Easy app. By the simple click of one button, you can connect with one of our specialists (a real person!) through a live video call for on-demand support.

How App Easy can help you or your loved ones

Deeper social connections through apps that allow better access to:

  • Family and Friends

  • Your communities

  • Companionship


Increased independence by providing education on technology that enables

  • Transportation

  • Grocery delivery

  • Meal preparation

  • Shopping

  • Housekeeping and other chores

  • Medication monitoring

  • Personal care

Our specialists are always on call to support you or your loved ones